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Earn a Scuba Diving Certification

Taking a scuba diving certification course through Blue Sea Adventures Scuba Shop,  we can accommodate any schedule.  These springs are known as San Solomon Springs. Many of the critters there are rare and very small so they're very fun for the entry level scuba diver to observe in a crystal clear water environment.

Indoor heated pool for scuba classes

Garland Texas' Indoor Heated Salt Water Pool

Starting at 3ft and dropping to 12ft at the deep end. Our heated salt water pool is perfect for swim classes and scuba diving certification classes.  Since its inside the scuba shop, after scuba certification, you'll get to use our pool. year round!

Travel with Professional
Scuba Instructors and Divemasters

Here's Neal and a fellow diver hovering near an oil rig at Flower Gardens. The legs of the structure have been in the water long enough for coral growth to completely cover it. This artificial reef is home to many fish, crustaceans, and even pelagic (larger deep ocean critters).

Manta ray at Flower Gardens

Local Scuba Shop
and Local Scuba Diving

Visiting Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary with Blue Sea Adventures can be an epic adventure full of pelagics.  Manta Rays and Whate Sharks often frequent Flower Gardens and Stetson Banks.  These next year trips will feature a new shipwreck, The Kracken, popular for wreck diving scuba certifications.
 Christmas reef

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Started in 2003 as Blue Sea Adventures scuba shop in Rockwall, in 2011 we took over this scuba shop location, come see the changes since, the blue color should be obvious, plus repainted scuba diving flag.  We still have onsite salt water pool where we host scuba diving certification classes as well as swimming classes.  Our scuba shop's pool area is climate controlled for your enjoyment including dressing rooms and balcony to observe your friends earning their scuba diving certification.  We stock proven and the best rated scuba diving gear we can find over a couple decades of research.  We also staff scuba diving instructors on staff, which means that they know about the scuba gear we sell in our scuba shop.  

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